Trenca Wins Fall Nationals At Outlaw Speedway; Colagiovanni Crowned ESS Champ

Information By: EMPIRE SUPER SPRINTS – DUNDEE, NY – Joe Trenca won the Outlaw Speedway Fall Nationals on Saturday evening. Paulie Colagiovanni was a close second followed by Jared Zimbardi, Davie Franek and Matt Farnham.

What a year for Colagiovanni and the entire 10 race team !! They have now been crowned the 2019 Empire Super Sprints Champion.

Full race results are posted with a story to come.

FEATURE – JOE TRENCA, Paulie Colagiovanni, Jared Zimbardi, Davie Franek, Matt Farnham, Jordan Thomas, Justin Barger, Derek Locke, Chuck Hebing, Steve Doell, Adam Carberry, Denny Peebles, Brett Wright, Kelly Hebing, Alysha Bay, Steve Glover, Mike Koehler, Mike Jackson, Ryan Coniam, Josh Azzi, Scott Kreutter, Todd Gracey, Darryl Ruggles, and Scott Holcomb.

Heat Winners – Jordan Thomas, Steve Doell, Matt Farnham, and Derek Locke.
Dash for Cash Winner – Denny Peebles
B Main Winner – Matt Farnham