RPW Column: Drivers / Owners / Photographers…A Race Fan Needs Your Help

Column By: MIKE TRAVERSE / RPW – ACCORD, NY – You hear it so much in our racing world…the term ‘The Racing Family.’

Many people outside of the sport just do not realize how the people that one comes in contact with through racing can become part of your extended family.

These people can become as special to you as your own family does. And sometimes, the kind acts that people involved in racing do are quite remarkable.

My own family has been the recipient of so much kindness from the Racing Family. We have formed friendships that we will always treasure and hold special.

Now, there’s a racing fan that needs our help.

His name is Rick. He has been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. He is facing 6 months of chemotherapy and his doctor has told him that it’s going to be very rough on him. He is still relatively young and he could really use some cheering up.

Rick is a big fan of racing. He attends Accord Speedway regularly and has made some trips down to the Orange County Fair Speedway. He loves to collect photos and other types of racing memorabilia.

Rick’s sister is asking that if anyone connected in racing that would like to do it (drivers/owners/photographers) to please send him a note of encouragement or maybe a photo or a hero card to help raise his spirits during the tough battle he is facing the next few months. Anything that you could do for him would be most appreciated.

If you have anything that you would like to send to Rick or have any type of a message that you would like to convey to him, these can be sent to my address and I will see that he receives them. Let’s see the Racing Family come through for this gentleman.

Mike Traverse
804 South Plank Rd.
Slate Hill, NY 10973

Email: mtus44@gmail.com

Thank you for reading this.