RPW Column: My First Chili Bowl Nationals…From The Driver’s Seat…Day Four

RPW Column By: DANIEL SANCHEZ / SPECIAL TO RPW – TULSA, OK – As another day at the Chili Bowl comes to an end, I’m am filled with excitement for my turn to make some laps in racing action Thursday night!

Today at the races was very much like yesterday…just watching racing and enjoying time with my family and friends.  However, one thing has really been on my mind all day. 

It’s really been weighing on me. One of my favorite teachers of all time, Mike Streicher, past away last year. Mr. Streicher is in the USAC midget racing hall of fame and he always had great racing memories to share. He would watch me at the races on the weekends and then tease me in class on Monday about what I should have done differently.

I sure wish he was here this week to give me some pointers. I think he would be really proud to see I’m at the Chili Bowl. I’m sure he will be watching and yelling “Come on Daniel this isn’t a stock car!” He will definitely be on my mind as I take the track tomorrow.

My Mounce Motorsports teammate, Trey Gropp, looked good all night. He started last in his heat and made a few passes on a heavy, hammer down track. He won the C main and started in the back of the B.

Gropp battled all race long to finish seventh.  It was exciting to see how he did and we were pumped up for him and the team.

I want to thank everyone who has reached out to wish me luck. I will do what I can to make you all proud!

Time for some rest as tomorrow will be the biggest racing stage of my career thus far.

Sponsors for my racing efforts this week with Mounce Motorsports include:

  • Silly’s Competition Engines
  • The Gorman’s
  • Danny Sanchez Contracting
  • Cedar Peaks Enterprises
  • Snap-On Tools – Chris Morris
  • DMC Racing Products
  • Stout Motorsports
  • Schure Built Suspension
  • Wilson Racing
  • Elite Welding & Fabrication
  • James Mission
  • Rockwell Security
  • Raindrop