RPW Exclusive: Brad Sweet Makes History; Wins First World of Outlaws NOS Energy Championship

Column By: ROBERT SYMONDS/RPW – CHARLOTTE, NC – After the biggest schedule in the NOS Energy World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series History, it came down to 2 drivers, the 10 time Series Champion Donny Schatz and the Big Cat Brad Sweet. Sweet out endured Schatz to finally claim his first ever Championship at the Can-Am World Finals at The Dirt Track At Charlotte.

Brad Sweet needed to finish in front of Donny Schatz and his did just that on Saturday night as Sweet stayed up on the wheel to keep Schatz at bay throughout the entire Finale event.

“I was going as quick as I could on the bottom but I slipped up once and Schatz got by me,” Sweet said after finishing 2nd in the finale. “Then I slid back in the seat and got back up on the wheel. I drove off as hard as I could to hold back Donny and cheer on David at the same time.”

Sweet out drove Schatz to hold back the 10 time Champ and hoist his first Championship. The season was not always as easy for Sweet though.

“Every time I thought we had a good point cushion, Donny would come back up and pass us. As much as I hated running against him because he is just so damn good, he actually made me better as a driver. A 10 time Series Champion is not going down that easy.”