By .007!!! Colagiovanni Over Hebing In ESS A-Main Saturday At Fulton

Information By: EMPIRE SUPER SPRINTS – FULTON, NY – In amazing run to the finish, Paulie Colagiovanni was able to beat Chuck Hebing by .007 of a second to get the Empire Super Sprints A-Main victory in a green-to-checkers run at the Fulton Speedway.

Larry Wight, Matt Tanner and Dylan Westbrook rounded out the top five.

Feature finish is posted with a story to come.

PAULIE COLAGIOVANNI, Chuck Hebing, Larry Wight, Matt Tanner, Dylan Westbrook, Danny Varin, Jason Barney, Billy VanInwegen, Jonathan Preston, Jeff Cook, Davie Franek, Shawn Donath, Joe Trenca, Jordan Poirier, Jeff Trombley, Scott Holcomb, Chad Miller, Sam Reakes IV, Mike Kiser, Ryan Harrison, Parker Evans, Denny Peebles, Kelly Hebing, Josh Pieniazek, Pete Richardson, Emily VanInwegen.