RPW Exclusive: Josh Richards Kicks Off ‘Clash At The Mag’ With First Victory Of 2019; McCreadie Finishes 2nd

Story By: ROBERT SYMONDS / RPW – COLUMBUS, MS – At the first night of the Clash At The Mag, the pit area was filled. Though 39 of the trailers housed the drivers, crew, and cars competing in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series for their 25 lap $5,000 to win preliminary event.

Rainouts have devastated much of the series events thus far but for once the fans and series officials were happy to see some dry weather to see some racing action. ‘Kid Rocket’ Josh Richards was able to get a victory early in the evening, being the first to qualify he was able to get the fastest time during qualifying. Richards continued that fast pace by claiming a heat race win. Kyle Bronson, Don O’Neal and Tim McCreadie were also able to claim heat race victories setting up the top 4 positions for the feature event.

In the 25 lap preliminary A-Main event, McCreadie shot out of a cannon, coming from his 4th place starting spot to the lead at the entrance of turn 1. McCreadie quickly went to the top groove setting a blistering pace on the rest of the field. This left the Clint Bowyer Motorsports drivers of Richards and Don O’Neal to sort out the runner up position.

As quickly as McCreadie grabbed the lead, he would lose it just nearly as quick. Richards running the lower groove, quickly pounced on the opportunity and gained the race lead on lap 11. McCreadie wouldn’t go quietly in the night as he would put his Sweetners Plus 39 on the bottom side of the track to follow in Richards tire tracks.

As Richards entered lap traffic, McCreadie would find himself alongside the Peak Antifreeze, Blue Ag number 14 quite a few times within the closing laps. Though this wouldn’t be enough as Josh Richards grabbed his first win of the 2019 season, McCreadie followed in second and Don O’Neal finished in third.

“I tried to pace myself but it seemed to grip up all at one time,” Richards explained in victory lane on Thursday night. “I tried taking my time (once I got the lead) to make sure I didn’t get tangled up with McCreadie in lap traffic. We have had a fast car all season but its good to be in Victory Lane tonight.”

Tim McCreadie led the opening 10 laps of the preliminary AMain Thursday evening. He finished in second, still searching for his first win of the season.

“The car was in the track really well,” McCreadie mentioned. “I didn’t know it was rubbering up. It was my mistake as my crew was trying to get me to move down early on. Our car is really fast, I think we should have a good piece here (at Magnolia).”

Though McCreadie had a great night, points for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series for the Clash At The Mag will not be counted until Saturday night’s feature event.

Clash At The Mag Night 1 – Magnolia Speedway – Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series – May 30, 2019

Cars Entered – 39

Heat Races – 10 Laps – Top 4 Transfer

Heat 1 – Josh Richards, Devin Moran, Earl Pearson Jr, Jonathan Davenport, Timothy Culp, Shanon Buckingham, Neil Baggett, Jimmy Owens, Clay Fisher, Shay Knight

Heat 2 – Kyle Bronson, Stormy Scott, Bobby Pierce, Eric Cooley, Scptt Dedwylder, Billy Moyer Jr, Christian Hanger, Morgan Bagley, Colton Horner, Austin Arnold

Heat 3 – Don O’Neal, Hudson O’Neal, Tyler Erb, Billy Moyer, Brian Rickman, Dane Dacus, Chad Thrash, Gavin Landers, David Payne, Nick Curole

Heat 4 – Tim McCreadie, Mike Marlar, Michael Arnold, Cade Dillard, Rick Rickman, Joey Moriarty, BJ Robinson, Robbie Stuart, Shelby Sheedy

B-Main Races – 12 laps – Top 4 Transfer

BMain 1 – Timothy Culp, Jimmy Owens, Neil Baggett, Scott Dedwylder, Shay Knight, Billy Moyer Jr, Christian Hanger, Shanon Buckingham, Clay Fisher, Austin Arnold, Colton Horner

BMain 2 – Rick Rickman, Dane Dacus, Brian Rickman, Chad Thrash, Gavin Landers, Robbie Stuart, Joey Moriarty, BJ Robinson, David Payne, Shelby Sheedy, Nick Curole

AMain Race – 25 Laps – $5,000 to Winner

Clash At The Mag Night 1 Finish – Josh Richards, Tim McCreadie, Don O’Neal, Hudson O’Neal, Mike Marlar, Earl Pearson Jr, Tyler Erb, Stormy Scott, Devin Moran, Jonathan Davenport, Billy Moyer, Bobby Pierce, Cade Dillard, Eric Cooley, Dane Dacus, Timothy Culp, Kyle Bronson, Jimmy Owens, Scott Dedwylder, Neil Baggett, Brian Rickman, Chad Thrash, Rick Rickman, Michael Arnold

Lap Leaders- Tim McCreadie (1-10), Josh Richards (11-25)
Cautions- 0

Fast Time Award- Josh Richards
Hard Charger- Dane Dacus