Frustrating Weekend All Around For Peter Britten & The Troyer 21A Team

Story By: BOBBY CHALMERS / PETER BRITTEN RACING – WEEDSPORT, NY – If you ask Peter Britten to describe how things went for him last weekend, you’ll get one simple answer…Frustrating.

Peter and the Troyer 21a team rolled out a new car on Friday night at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway and it was a struggle from the first time he hit the throttle. While he did come home with a 12th place finish, he wasn’t happy with the night. He knows there’s work to be done with the car.

“This is a very humbling sport,” Britten said. “We won to start the year with the old car and Friday night we struggled with the new one. Sometimes, you’re the windshield. Sometimes, you’re the bug. Friday, we were the bug.”

Saturday, he headed back to the Lebanon Valley Speedway, where he was the most recent winner. His luck wasn’t much better on the high banks early on. An incident with a spinning LJ Lombardo severely damaged the front end of his car, and relegated the point leader to a shotgun (25th) starting position in the feature.

“We really just had a rough night at Lebanon,” he said. “We did move forward which was a testament to the hard work this team put in after the heat race problems. I just wish we had a better start to the night. I think we could have been a lot better.”

One thing is for sure. Britten isn’t looking for 11th place finishes. He wants wins. Then came the Heroes Remembered 100 Super DIRTcar Series race at Weedsport on Memorial Day. Britten finished 13th in the feature, a race that he ran the brand new car in. This time, the team went to work to make it more comfortable for the Australian-born racer.

“We were better with the new car on Monday,” he said. “We weren’t too far off, but just aren’t where we want to be with it yet. It was a long race and we were still a couple of adjustments away from where we needed to be so we could be racey.”

Still, to even make the show was a huge accomplishment for Peter. With 52 cars taking a time trial lap, several heavy hitters, including Brett Hearn and Billy Dunn, did not make the feature.

“When you consider the car count that was at Weedsport and the guys who didn’t qualify, 13th isn’t the end of the world,” he said. “But, we race to win.”

Next up for Peter is a two-day race week with stops at Albany-Saratoga on Friday and Lebanon Valley on Saturday.