RPW Exclusive: Sheppard Grabs First Win In 2019; First WoO Event At Volusia

Column By: ROBERT SYMONDS / RACE PRO WEEKLY – De Leon Springs, FL – The first series points event for the Morton Buildings World of Outlaws Late Model Series at the DirtCar Nationals was able to see action Wednesday night February 13, 2019. After the rains subsided early Wednesday morning, the track was able to be raced on Wednesday evening in time for the World of Outlaws Late Models to roar to life.

After Time Trials concluded, Kent Robinson and Dale McDowell were fastest in their respective groups. Kent Robinson, Brandon Sheppard, Dale McDowell, and Scott Bloomquist won their respective qualifying heats while Brandon Overton and Devin Moran grabbed Last Chance Showdown wins.

In their 50 lap feature event, Brandon Sheppard started on the pole and proved to be dominate in the early going as he pulled away from the rest of the field. Bloomquist and McDowell dueled it out for the runner up position in the early laps. While the laps clicked off, so did the positions for Josh Richards, Don O’Neal, and Chase Junghans.

Chase Junghans the fastest moving car had been up on the top side of the speedway. Working his way from 10th, Junghans quickly found second place after he got by Scott Bloomquist. Richards however followed suit a few laps later putting Junghans back to 3rd. However one factor everyone forgot about, Don O’Neal. O’Neal used the same line as Junghans but possibly with more tire than him.

O’Neal would slowly pick his way from as far back as 15th and would get around Richards for the second spot on lap 32. Even with 18 laps to go O’Neal would run out of time to catch the leader and Sheppard would cruise to his first win of 2019 and the 38th of his career for the World of Outlaws Late Model Series. Sheppard wins over O’Neal, Richards, Junghans, and Davenport

“We have had great call all speedweeks but not enough luck,” Sheppard exclaimed in victory lane. “The first win has been avoiding me a lot this year, hopefully we have things turned around now.”

Car owner, Mark Richards also made his way on stage to inject a quick note. He saw an old racing friend in the grandstands at Volusia. He encouraged all racing fans to go see Modified Legend Gary Balough as Gary is selling a new book.

“Gary and I knew each other since the ’80s. He has had a big impact on my life and the way I see racing today. Go see Gary and check out his new book he is selling. Thank you.”

DirtCar Nationals – DirtCar Late Models – Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Time Trials

Group A- Kent Robinson 15.887, Brandon Sheppard 16.097, Hudson O’Neal 16.117, Josh Richards 16.184, Don O’Neal 16.202, Ivedent Lloyd Jr 16.419, Dan Stone 16.476, Shane Clanton 16.504, Darrell Lanigan 16.519, Tyler Erb 16.535, Boom Briggs 16.571, Joey Moriarty 16.652, Blair Nothdurft 16.705, Kyle Bronson 16.786, Donald McIntosh 16.834, Scott James 16.879, Brandon Overton 16.940, Brent Larson 16.995, Frank Heckenast Jr 17.028, Stacy Boles 17.236, Mike Hammerle 18.893,

Group B- Dale McDowell 15.895, Scott Bloomquist 15.931, Chris Madden 15.961, Chase Junghans 16.187, Mike Norris 16.209, Jimmy Owens 16.288, Dennis Erb Jr 16.322, Kyle Hardy 16.413, Ricky Weiss 16.463, Mike Marlar 16.466, Tim McCreadie 16.493, Devin Moran 16.557, Jonathan Davenport 16.585, Brian Shirley 16.590, Tyler Bruening 16.591, Earl Pearson Jr 16.735, Jason Jameson 16.768, Cade Dillard 16.852, Tyler Clem 16.879, Blake Spencer 17.137, Chuck Hummer 17.510, Hillard Miller 17.906

Qualifying Heats – 10 laps – Top 4 Transfer To AMain

Heat 1- Kent Robinson, Hudson O’Neal, Darrell Lanigan, Don O’Neal, Boom Briggs, Brandon Overton, Donald Mcintosh, Dan Stone, Blair Nothdurft, Mike Hammerle, Frank Heckenast Jr

Heat 2- Brandon Sheppard, Josh Richards, Shane Clanton, Tyler Erb, Ivedent Lloyd Jr, Kyle Bronson, Joey Moriarty, Brent Larson, Jason Fitzgerald, Stacy Boles, Scott James

Heat 3- Dale McDowell, Chris Madden, Mike Norris, Jonathan Davenport, Ricky Weiss, Dennis Erb Jr, Tim McCreadie, Tyler Beuening, Jason Jameson, Tyler Clem, Chuck Hummer

Heat 4- Scott Bloomquist, Chase Junghans, Jimmy Owens, Kyle Hardy, Devin Moran, Brian Shirley, Mike Marlar, Earl Pearson Jr, Cade Dillard, Blake Spencer, Hillard Miller

Last Chance Showdowns – 10 laps – Top 3 Transfer to AMain

LCS 1 – Brandon Overton, Kyle Bronson, Ivedent Lloyd Jr, Donald McIntosh, Joey Moriarty, Brent Larson, Scott James, Jason Fitzgerald, Blair Nothdurft, Dan Stone, Stacy Boles, Boom Briggs, Mike Hammerale, Frank Heckenast Jr

LCS 2- Devin Moran, Brian Shirley, Dennis Erb Jr. Ricky Weiss, Mike Marlar, Tim McCreadie, Jason Jameson, Tyler Bruening, Cade Dillard, Earl Pearson Jr, Tyler Clem, Blake Spencer, Hillard Miller, Chuck Hummer

AMain (50 Laps) – Brandon Sheppard, Don O’Neal, Josh Richards, Chase Junghans, Jonathan Davenport, Dale McDowell, Darrell Lanigan, Brian Shirley, Shane Clanton, Chris Madden, Hudson O’Neal, Kent Robinson, Devin Moran, Brandon Overton, Jimmy Owens, Kyle Bronson, Kyle Hardy, Dennis Erb Jr, Scott James, Brent Larson, Mike Norris, Scott Bloomquist, Tyler Erb, Ricky Weiss, Mike Marlar, Ivedent Lloyd Jr, Blake Spencer