Ryan Anderson Making A Return To Bridgeport Speedway In 2019

Story By: KOLBY RAMEY / BRIDGEPORT SPEEDWAY – SWEDESBORO, NJ – Ryan Anderson will be making his return to Bridgeport Speedway in 2019 in the Spirit Auto Center Big Block division.

Anderson sat out much of the 2018 racing season however, he anxiously awaiting the start of the new year.

“I’m exciting to be coming back full-time and getting back to Bridgeport again on the weekends,” Anderson revealed.

The Peach Bottom, Pa driver sat behind the wheel in only a select few events in ’18 which included one race on Bridgeport’s 3/8 track, Delaware International, BAPS, and Port Royal Speedway. Anderson is still in search of that first modified win after moving to the division in 2013. The 42-year-old second-generation driver was crowned the Crate-Sportsman division champion back in 2012, so Ryan obviously knows the quick way around the South Jersey facility.

Anderson will be steering a 2018 Teo with an open 358 small block for weekly competition. “This year will be a combined effort with my good friend Tim Borror. Tim’s like a brother to me, this is his engine and we were able to come together for the upcoming season,” Anderson added. “It’s gonna be nice to get back to racing at the same track and not bouncing around. Obviously, there’s the week to week changes but, not the completely different set ups when you’re racing a whole bunch of different tracks in one season.”

Anderson, who is a huge motocross fan and a father of two young boys, hasn’t been missing in action altogether however. “Neal Williams is a good friend of mine, and I tried to get to the track as much as I could and help his team last year. But this year it’ll be good to be driving to the track to actually get behind the wheel and race. I can’t thank Tim and of course my Dad ‘Bones’ enough as I couldn’t do without them two.” Ryan is also looking forward to competing on both tracks at Bridgeport this season. “It’ll be nice to run on both tracks this year too. I only got to run the one race on the 3/8 last year but it was a lot fun.” Will 2019 be the year that the No. 27 takes that first checkered flag in the modified ranks?