Racing 4 Colon Cancer

Race Pro Weekly is a supporter of Mark McIntosh’s mission to bring awareness of Colon Cancer.  Mark has been a crew member of a team at Lebanon Valley Speedway for almost two decades and is currently fighting the disease.  Through his program, Racing 4 Colon Cancer, Mark is working to raise money to help in the fight to find a cure.

My main goal for the Racing 4 Colon Cancer program is not to scare people, but to educate and hopefully save at least one life…to show that you can still have fun and live. The more people hear and understand about Colon Cancer, hopefully, the more push there is to get screened or looked at.

Racing-4-Colon-Cancer_01On June 17th at Lebanon Valley will be Racing 4 Colon Cancer Night at the speedway.  That evening, Mark will be giving away cash bonuses to many of the divisions in action.  The money is coming from Mark himself.  He feels its a great way to give back to the drivers he’s enjoyed watching for many years while bringing his mission to the forefront.

While his goal is to help push to get more people screened, he also wants to raise money to help fight the disease.  Any donations can be made by mail to:

  • Mark McIntosh
    22 Matthew Drive
    Castleton NY 12033

You can also email Mark at and set up arrangements  A PayPal link is being set up to take donations as well.

 All money raised goes to the Colon Cancer Alliance in the name of Racing 4 Colon Cancer.

One drive that Mark has going is he is trying to get his Racing 4 Colon Cancer logo on as many race cars as he can.  They are free to those who want to put them on their car, but again, any donations you can make Mark would greatly appreciate.

All of us at Race Pro Weekly thank you in advance for anything you can do to help build awareness for this terrible disease.