Driver Profile: Thomas Oleski

Thomas Oleski
Team Website / Social Media:
Oleski Racing On Facebook
Scranton, PA
Owner / Operator – Detailing Business
Marital Status:
Tell Us A Little Bit About The Driver:
I’m one of the drivers for our 2-car Sportsman team other of which is my brother. Team is run by our father who has raced for several years at Moc-A-Tek Speedway, Five Nile Point Speedway and Penn Can Speedway.

We have raced go karts for many years since we were kids after taking few years off while our mother got sick with cancer. When my mom passed, my dad, my brother and I decided to jump to Sportsman and after 1 year of racing we finished 7th & 8th in points at Penn Can.

Did we learn a lot? Yes, but very excited moving into our 2020 season. Family-run, family-owned fun!

I’ve been around racing since I was 2 years old and having the opportunity to run against some of the people I watched growing up is simply amazing.

Team Name:
Oleski Racing
602 Crate Sportsman
Car Number:
Team Owner
Tom Oleski
Higfab / Bicknell
Engine Builder:
Sealed 602 Crate Motor
Sacco’s Pizzeria
Gourmet Slice
JT Coatings
Deluxe Detail
Junkin Monkey
Traps Roofing / Sheet Metal
Crew / Team Members
Father- Tom Oleski aka the boss
My Uncle and cousin Mike/ Preston
As well as help from Bob and Larry
Career Number Of Wins:
Tracks Won At:
Home Track:
Penn Can Speedway
Tracks Competed At:
Penn Can Speedway
One Thing Fans May Find Interesting About The Driver:
I’ll go fun with this one I guess…lol…the best Sesame Street impressions around!
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