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Christopher Bell wins the Chili Bowl over Kyle Larson, Justin Grant, Brady Bacon, Zach Daum and Brad Sweet

Collision flattens Larry Wight’s LR half way through the EMain and ends Larry’s chances of making it to the Chili Bowl #ChiliBowl2019

EMain 1: Lap 3 Larry WIGHT (spoken like White) is up to 4th as the caution came out @RacinBoys #ChiliBowl2019

Justin Grant Wins night 5 of the Chili Bowl over Tanner Thorson, Chat Boat, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, and Alex Schutte. Grant and Thorson lock into Saturday’s A Main, This is Grants third straight Friday night prelim feature event win

Danny Johnson’s New Teo Pro Car For Ray Graham (Teo Photo) RPWupdate photo

Ryan Krachun’s 2019 Modified (Teo Pro Car Photo) RPWupdate photo

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