Sixth To The Win For Dominick Buffalino In Modified Main At Bridgeport Tuesday Night

Information By: BRIDGEPORT MOTORSPORTS PARK – SWEDESBORO, NJ – Tuesday night at Bridgeport Motorsports Park, it was all Dominick Buffalino as he captured the Modified feature event win.

Ryan Krachun was second followed by Mike Maresca, Billy Pauch Jr. and Alex Yankowski.

More to come…

Modifieds 1. Dom Buffalino 2. Ryan Krachun 3. Mike Maresca 4. Billy Pauch Jr. 5. Alex Yankowski 6. Danny Bouc 7. Craig Von Dohren 8. Joseph Watson 9. Jim Britt 10. Briggs Danner 11. Brandon Grosso 12. Jimmy Horton 13. Dillion Steuer 14. Tommy Beamer 15. Sam Martz 16. Mike Gular 17. Davey Sammons 18. Jim Gallagher 19. Brandon Hightower 20. Neil Williams 21. Billy Pauch 22. Frank Yankowski 23. Joe Toth 24. Tim Buckwalter 25. Brad Roberts 26. Ryan Godown 27. Mike Mahaney

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