RPW Column: Racing Journey For Two Vets & A Rookie Honored At NYSSCA Banquet Saturday Night – Part One

RPW Column By: LAURIE FALLIS / RPW – ALBANY, NY – As they say in racing, you are never too old to receive and your never too old to start.

This is exactly what happened in the 2019 Vintage season for three drivers that took different routes which brought them to the New York State Stock Car Association Awards Banquet Saturday evening.

Lets take a look back in each journey and what brought them to the stage.

We will start with the elder statesman of the trio, driver of the #73, Stanley Wetmore.  If that names sounds familiar, it should.  Wetmore has been racing for over 55 years and you certainly could call him a journeyman.

Stanley has traveled to many tracks around the state of New York, capturing wins at the most of those speedways.  However, there was one win that eluded him for over 31 years and that was his home track of Lebanon Valley.

“Every time when I had the lead late in the race, I would either have mechanical failure or the driver would have a mental error,” a chuckling Wetmore stated.

Stanley would finally get the monkey of his back in 1994 and capture one of the most popular wins in speedway history.

Later in his racing years, Stanley would try out vintage racing.  However, the first time around would not last.

“I did vintage racing a few years back but stopped because it just was not fun anymore,” he said.  ” was ready to sell the car. Then in 2018, someone came along at Glen Ridge Motorsports Park and told me to get my car ready.  After thinking about it a few weeks, I did and I’m having a blast.  I’m having a good time.”

Full disclosure, that person on of the ‘Original Ridge Runners’ is speaking of, was me.  HAHA

Stanley is still racing at a high level and is grateful to be able to still climb into a racecar at his age.  The veteran was called to the stage to receive the Achievement Award.  This award not only went to a veteran, but a legend.

Tomorrow, we’ll have part two, and talk about a driver with ties to the Valley of Speed, in yesteryear, and today!