Looks As If Brett Hearn’s Time Behind The Wheel In 2020 Will Start At Volusia Speedway Park

Information By: BRETT HEARN RACING – SUSSEX, NJ – Even with him working hard to get things ready for the 2020 season at the Orange County Fair Speedway, it looks like Brett Hearn will start his ‘semi-retired’ schedule in Volusia for Florida Speedweeks this coming February.

In a post on his Facebook page, Hearn announced that he’ll be releasing his Team 20 schedule for this season within the next week, but did say that they are planning to begin their year at Volusia.

Here is the full post.

Well a very belated Happy New Year to everyone!! We’ve been busy on several different fronts but certainly OCFS has been my focus. Working very hard to plan for the best racing program we can present in 2020. It will be most challenging but at the same time I anticipate rewarding.

I know most of you who follow this page are all in with the most anticipation. I will use this forum to keep everyone up to speed as things progress.

Just two side notes, I will be hanging out Friday and Saturday at the Motorsports show in Phili. OCFS has a large display planned with plenty to look at as well as a great array of drivers past and present. Talking to fans and competitors about OC racing in the coming year as well as my driving schedule.

We are planning to announce our appearances for the teamtwenty car in the next week. I’ll start by letting you know we are planning on Volusia to begin.

Thank you all for the fantastic support!!!