RPW Exclusive: Brady Fultz Picks Past Josh Nobriga In Closing Laps To Win At Woodhull

Story By: ROBERT SYMONDS / RPW – WOODHULL, NY –  With Billy Van Pelt dominating the first two nights of competition on the high banks, he seemed to be the odds on favorite for Woodhull’s third event of the season however you couldn’t count out the other 20 plus competitors.

On Fire, EMS, and Police appreciation night, the Woodhull Raceway saw the Insinger Performance Modified heats being won by Bobby Davis, Brady Fultz, and Josh Keesey. Leading the field to green, Dayton Brewer and Josh Nobriga fought for the lead though it would be the William Wood Masonry 22 of Josh Nobriga leading the field.

Quickly working his way through the field from the sixth position, Fultz quickly found his way to the 3rd spot on lap 6 and followed the Davis 60J until overtaking him on lap 8. Working the bottom, the Addison Eagles Club 88 of Brady Fultz rode right behind the Nobriga machine. As the race raged on it seemed Nobriga was going to pick up his first win in 2019.

With 8 laps to go Fultz used the lap car of Sheldon Gardner as a pick on the back straightaway and became a textbook pass for the lead. Fultz held off Nobriga during the remaining restarts to win his first feature in three years on the high banks.

“It took a few laps to get myself consistent and get up there,” Brady Fultz said in Victory Lane. “I kept working at him (Nobriga) and that lap car ended up being a pick but thank god he didn’t turn down into us and cause a wreck or something. This is awesome!”

Brady Fultz gets his first win while driving for the Herbie Wright owned 88, though it is his first win in three years at the Woodhull Raceway.