Chris Allen Jr. Rim Rides To USAC East Coast Sprint Car Win At Delaware International

Story By: JENNA SHOTZ / USAC EAST COAST SPRINT CARS – DELMAR, DE – Chris Allen Jr. scored his first series victory on Wednesday at the ½ mile of Delaware International Speedway with the USAC East Coast Sprint Cars.

Bill Unglert had the early lead, holding off Allen’s advances until lap seven. Once Allen found comfort on the top groove, he managed to rocket past Unglert and secure the lead coming out of turn two.

Until a caution on lap 17, Allen managed to have a four-second lead on the rest of field while he worked his way through lapped traffic. There was a fantastic battle for every position in the top 5, as Chandler Leiby, Steven Drevicki, and Eddie Strada traded exciting slide jobs for position.

In the end it would be Bill Unglert and Eddie Strada on the podium with Chris Allen Jr. “It has been a hard couple of years not racing as much as we wish we could with rainouts and stuff. This win is awesome, though.” Explained Allen Jr. in victory lane. This win has been a long time coming for Chris, as he has had strong finishes in the past but came up short of a victory last season. Allen Jr. carried his momentum from a Hard Charger Award just four days ago at Lincoln Speedway (p4 finish).

The USAC East Coast 360 Sprint Cars will make their next appearance NEXT FRIDAY April 26th, 2019 at the BEDFORD FAIR SPEEDWAY. More information will be released soon.

FIRST HEAT: (8 Laps, All Qualify, Top 3 to Redraw) 1. Steve Drevicki (19), 2. Chris Allen Jr. (71), 3. Trevor Kobylarz (14), 4. Mark Bitner (15), 5. Heidi Hedin (3H), 6. Jonathan Swanson (17J), 7. Eric Jennings (61)(DNS)

SECOND HEAT: (8 Laps, All Qualify, Top 3 to Redraw) 1. Chandler Leiby (119), 2. Eddie Strada (5G), 3. Bill Unglert (33B), 4. Ryan Quackenbush (5Q), 5. David Swanson (117), 6. Mike Thompson (39), 7. Craig Pelligrini Jr. (11A)(DNF)

FEATURE: (25 laps) 1. Chris Allen Jr. (71), 2. Bill Unglert (33B), 3. Eddie Strada (5G), 4. Steve Drevicki (19), 5. Chandler Leiby (119), 6. Trevor Kobylarz (14), 7. Mark Bitner (15), 8. Ryan Quackenbush (5Q), 9. Eric Jennings (61), 10. Mike Thompson (39), 11. Jonathan Swanson (17J), 12. David Swanson (117), 13. Heidi Hedin (3H), 14. Craig Pelligrini Jr. (11A)

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: 1-6 Bill Unglert, 7-25 Chris Allen Jr.