More Contender Spots On The Line At Select King Of Dirt Races; Wild Cards Key To Determine Championship Six

Story By: ROB HAYES / KING OF DIRT – FONDA, NY – King Of Dirt Racing made a splash earlier this week after announcing the Contender championship program. With the rules being released and posted on the website the next key component to throwing down for the crown includes wild card Contender spots, but first let’s recap this weeks big news.

Earning a Contender lock in spot doesn’t mean ‘win and you’re in’ nor does it guarantee a driver anything per say. It does however move drivers one step closer to title contention at the season finale where the best finish wears the crown.

  • Each KOD race one driver will earn a Contender spot.
  • At certain races drivers can earn Wild Card spots or simply put a 2nd Contender spot will be awarded.
  • Contender Drivers must still earn points based on the KOD point system.
  • Drivers must maintain tour regular status to keep their Contender spot.
  • The top six contenders are title eligible at the series finale and best finishing driver of the six title eligible Contenders wins the championship.
  • 9 Contender Spots Available, Top 6 Contenders via Points Are Title Eligible, Best Finish At The Nationals Earns Tour Championship.

Now that we’ve simplified that with bullet points let’s talk wild cards. At select races King Of Dirt Racing will be offering Wild Card Contender spots, which simply means there will be two Contender positions awarded.

Those races offering two Contender spots will be determined when the schedule is final and released this month. If all goes according to plan there will be 9 locked in contenders of which 6 will be title eligible at the Northeast Crate Nationals and the best-finishing driver of the 6 Contenders title eligible will win the tour championship.

“It’s not hard to understand really. I saw some guys clamoring about ‘win and you’re in’ and that’s not at all what it is. Drivers still have to earn points, still have to position themselves inside the top six, they just need to perform and earn a Contender spot. Not hard to follow,” said King Of Dirt Racing promoter Rob Hazer.

To further the ultra competitive format, time trials will become a thing of the past. Drivers will draw to set the 12-lap qualifying main lineups (B, C, D) where six drivers will advance to the A-Main with the rest going into Consolation races.

To set the Super Six starting positions in the A-Main the top two fastest times out of the six transfer cars in each 12-lap qualifier will be lined up by their time with the rest of the field being lined up by finishing position. The consolation and provisional starters will fill in behind them.

9 Contender spots offered, top 6 Contenders race for the title, and best finishing driver of the 6 title Contenders in the Northeast Crate Nationals wins the King Of Dirt Racing Crate Modified Championship. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

“We didn’t just do this on a whim. It was two years of research in the making, crunching numbers, and going over possible scenarios to get it right and I believe we have it set up perfectly to entertain fans and challenge drivers. Everyone loves match races right? Think of this program as a match race in the biggest moment of the year between six contenders and 24 of their fellow competitors,” concluded Rob Hazer.