Mark Smith Snatches Win On ASCS 360 Sprint Night 2 At East Bay

Story By: EAST BAY RACEWAY PARK – GIBSONTON, FL – Dylan Westbrook looked well on his way to victory on night 2 of the ASCS 360 Sprints at the 42nd Annual Winternationals from East Bay Raceway Park, until the final lap when lapped traffic and a strong run by Mark Smith on his final laps surprised everyone by edging out Westbrook for the win.

Smith was joined by his crew and his Parents in Victory Lane, and made sure to thank his wife and new baby back home in Sanbury, PA. Westbrook had to settle for 2nd, and with his 3rd place finish, night one winner Alex Kennedy closed in on capturing place the King of the 360’s Championship with a good finish in tomorrow night’s finale.

Terry McCall and AJ Maddox rounded out the top 5.

Mini-Sprint action was eerily similar to the action for the 360’s as it looked like Robby Hoffman was clearly on his way to back-to-back victories after dominating the majority of the 25 lap A-Main. Unfortunately, lapped traffic also took a hand by allowing Luke Thomas to squeeze by Hoffman right at the finish line for the Night-2 win. Tyler Walton, Kameron Morral and Matt Carr rounded out the top 5.

The 42nd Annual Winternationals from the “Clay by the Bay” will conclude tomorrow night after the King of the 360’s is crowned.

ASCS 360 Sprints and Mini-Sprint action gets back underway tomorrow with Hot Laps beginning at 6pm and racing starting promptly at 7:00.

ASCS 360 Sprints A-Main Results:

Feature (25-Laps):

1. 1M – Mark Smith; 2. 47X Dylan Westbrook; 3. 21k – Thomas Kennedy; 4. 24 – Terry McCarl; 5. 3A – AJ Maddox; 6. 49X – Tim Schaeffer; 7. 16B – Max Strambaugh; 8. 1 – Travis Rilat; 9. 2C – Wayne Johnson; 10. 22G – Johnny Gilbertson; 11. 24M – Danny Martin 12. 4 – Danny Smith; 13. 61 – Parker Evans; 14. 48 – Phill Gressman; 15. 7 – Carson McCarl; 16. 16M – Justin Hoffman; 17. 7S – Jason Sides; 18. 10 – Mitch Brown; 19. 23 – Seth Bergman; 20. 89 – Robbie Stillwaggon; 21. 20B – Cody Bova; 22. 10G – Terry Gray 23. 77X – Alex Hill

ASCS 360 Sprints Heat Race Winners:
Heat Race 1. 3A – AJ Maddox; Heat Race 2. 47X – Dylan Westbrook; Heat Race 3. 16M – Justin Hoffman; Heat Race 4. 49X – Tim Schaeffer