Outlaw Speedway Continues In A Holding Pattern For The Foreseeable Future

Story By: KENNY SHUPP / OUTLAW SPEEDWAY – DUNDEE, NY – “As badly as we want to race, we are still not able to do so for the foreseeable future,” stated Outlaw Speedway owner/promoter, Tyler Siri. “We have been in constant communication with New York State relevant to opening the track and at this point we cannot even legally open for practice.”

The track has been approached by numerous teams requesting renting the facility for practice and the phones have been ringing nonstop with questions surrounding any upcoming open practice dates or when the 2020 season will be starting.

“We want to get this track open as quickly as possible, stated Siri, but the NYS protocol continues to dictate our every move. If we try to open even for practice without any fans in attendance, we run the risk of heavy fines to say nothing about jeopardizing the rest of our season being shut down by state authorities. We have no choice but to continue to play by the rules. The COVID 10 Pandemic is a major health and safety issue that needs our utmost attention.”

Most people do not totally understand the magnitude of even considering opening prior to authorization by the state of New York. There are tracks in the state that have advertised opening either for practice or actual organized race activities. All this is doing is getting the hopes up of the race teams and fans as there is no merit behind it.

“We are not going to tout anything at Outlaw Speedway other than the fact that the track is ready to open, and we are prepared to swing the gates for practice as soon as New York State will allow. All we need to do is order food, notify our staff and we’re ready to roll.” That again according to Siri.

The track is not going to make promises that they cannot keep regarding any premature openings for either practice of an actual night of organized race competition.

“We ARE NOT going to play games with our racers and fans. There are several teams out there that would have to spend a lot of money to get ready for practice just to find out it is not going to happen. That is not fair to the teams and again it puts the track as well as short track racing in this region in jeopardy to say nothing about stiff fines and penalties. The tracks that think they are going to open at this point are only kidding themselves and shortchanging the fans and race teams. We are not putting either ourselves, our drivers and race teams, employees, fans and sponsors in a position where we risk throwing away the entire season by not playing by the rules.”

With all that said the Outlaw Speedway will continue to lay dormant until such time as the State of New York gives the track the go ahead.

Outlaw Speedway continues to work with the Town, County and NYS officials in making sure that everyone is onboard before the track can safely and legally open.

In addition, Outlaw Speedway has joined forces with numerous other race venues across New York State. This coalition is geared to put pressure on state officials to lax some of the strict regulations allowing tracks to reopen sooner than later using practices that will ensure the health and safety of all participants.