RPW Column: Racer Nate Hill May Be Outgoing With His Social Media Antics, But He’s A Very Humble Racer

RPW Column By: JENNIE BROWN / RPW – EAST STROUDSBURG, PA – Don’t let the video antics fool you. Speaking with Nate Hill, the self proclaimed “Vice Champion” of the Factory Stock division at Penn Can Speedway, 500+ day King of the Can title holder and Triple Crown winner, a very humble man” surprised me.

I thought I was getting myself into a comedic interview with the man behind the hysterical social media promotion videos.  However, Nate Hill knows what he’s talking about when it comes to self promotion in the racing world.

What started as trying to get his name into the fan vote for a weekend race turned into a series of video’s that Nate records, edits and stars in…all on his own.

Normally I would write this interview in an article, but I wanted to try something new for the site. Nate reminded me that I can’t possibly win a Pulitzer Prize if I didn’t type this up, but I think audio interviews could be a little more entertaining for our fans on Race Pro Weekly.