RPW Column: Jimmy Devitt Back To Race In Orange County’s Sportsman Division In 2020

RPW Column By: MIKE TRAVERSE / RPW – CLINTONDALE, NY – Sometimes, a driver and his team just need some time away from the sport to regroup and recharge themselves. Jimmy Devitt and his team are very pumped up about returning to OCFS in the Sportsman division for 2020.

“We didn’t race much in 2019, we just didn’t have our program going well enough,” Jimmy said. “We have regrouped for 2020 and are very excited to be returning to OCFS.”

Devitt is very grateful to all those who have come on board to help him out.

“We acquired a 2015 HigFab and we are very excited to get racing with this car,” he said. We have gotten some great help from Tommy Vigh and Pamela Van Dunk along with the Johannessen Brothers. “And we have gotten some great help with the car from Jordan Lawrence, Dan Creeden, Robbie Knipe and Paul Maiolo. We are also grateful to the folks at HigFab for all their help ”

Jimmy has a sharp looking new scheme for 2020 that will be on display at the OCFS Motorsports Show.

“We will have the car on display at the OCFS show,” he said. “From there, it’s the Hard Clay Open, all the regular season OCFS races and the Eastern States Weekend. We will be there for all of them.”

Devitt has been racing for 20+ years. He got his start with go kart racing at area tracks including Poughkeepsie. In 2004, he started racing a Pro Stock at Accord Speedway and then in 2009, raced the Pro Stock at OCFS. He made is first appearance in the Sportsman division in 2011.

Jimmy is very happy with what has been happening at OCFS with the upgrades the past few years.

“I remember growing up watching some great drivers like Carl Van Horn, Richie Eurich and Steve Bottcher and I always thought of what a thrill it would be to be out there racing,” he said. “This past Eastern States Weekend was amazing and what Chris Larsen has done with the place is unreal. I can’t wait to get out there on the new surface. I’m feeling a lot of good vibes about going back to OCFS.”

Sponsors for the 18J include Empire Emulsions, Bruce Bryan State Farm Insurance, RPC Tree Service & Landscaping, Martin-Brower Distribution Center, Tiffrae Creations and American Woodburning.

Crew members are his dad Ray, the Johannessen Brothers, Nick Enoch, his cousin Ray and his girlfriend Jennifer.

Jimmy Devitt has a lot of enthusiasm as he looks towards the 2020 season. Hopefully, the likable driver of the 18J will have some success and enjoy his season.