Bridgeport Mourns The Passing Of Beloved Team Member Theodore “TJ” Kingsland

Information By: BRIDGEPORT MOTORSPORTS PARK – SWEDESBORO, NJ – It is with a heavy and saddened heart that we at Bridgeport Speedway pass on the news that our family member “TJ” passed away Saturday night in his sleep.

Here are a few words from our General Manager Danny Serrano’s personal Facebook page.

My crazy and goofy buddy is gone. Although his birth certificate says Theodore Kingsland III, EVERYONE knew him as ‘TJ’, ‘TK’, or even Teddy. TJ didn’t wake up this morning after a night of doing what he loved.

TJ had a love for racing that cannot be matched. He had smile on his face and an attitude that was so carefree. It was the simple things in life that made him happy…his Mom, his racing family, and food. TJ’s love and dedication for Bridgeport was so immense, that’s the only way we could let him know the seriousness of a situation. We’d have to tell him that Bridgeport could be in trouble if this or that didn’t happen…his outlook quickly changed once that set in.

He was married to his set of flags. He went everywhere with them! They never left his side no matter where he went. He wanted to be ready to flag if he was called upon. TJ loved his ‘kids’ as he would call them. All the quarter-midget racers that raced at Atco on Friday nights. When they weren’t in action he’d come to Spirit’s 1/4 mile Friday night show and work the pit gate or turn 3. On Saturdays, he was our Turn 3 flagger. He was the guy waving his arms like crazy telling the drivers to hurry up and catch the back of the back. I can hear him say on the radio “14w back on the track 14w back on the track.” I would make fun of him and say ” You only have to say it once TJ we can hear you fine.” LOL. He’d reply “I’m sorry I just wanted to let you guys know he was coming back out!”

He could be goofy when it was time to be serious. He could be annoying when things needed to be done. He could always ask you for food or a beer if he knew you had some. However, his heart was pure. He loved everyone and saw the good in everyone. Many of us can take a page from our buddy TJ’s book. It’s a good way to live life and be kind to others.

I will miss him walking around with his speaker blasting his country music. He also was infatuated with Elvis and his music. I will miss him asking me to spot him when we went to lunch together. I will miss his calls after midnight asking me what I’m doing. Just Friday night, my phone rang at 12:30am and it was yup, TJ. “Hey buddy what are you doing,” he says. “Ummm trying to go to sleep TJ,” I replied. He was all excited about the Allentown race and the fact that he was in his hotel room watching the Tulsa Shootout and so proud of how Spirit’s regulars were doing out there.

When Karen’s Mom passed away in October, he called and texted several times a day-every day to see how she was doing, repeatedly telling us that he loved us and was there for us if we needed anything. That’s a good person! He made sure to come to the services as he was the first one there and the last to leave amongst people he had never met nor would ever see again.

Bridgeport suffered a great loss today as did the entire racing community. We love you and will miss you TJ – Rest easy my friend.