Bob Sarkisian Set To Return To Bridgeport Speedway For 2019

Story By: KOLBY RAMEY / BRIDGEPORT SPEEDWAY – SWEDESBORO, NJ – A very familiar face over the years at Bridgeport Speedway will be making a return for the 2019 racing season. Seasoned modified veteran Bob Sarkisian will certainly be a welcomed back addition to the weekly Big Block field each week this upcoming season at the South Jersey racing complex.

The 56 year-old long-time Bridgeport supporter is chomping at the bit to start the new season off on the right foot. “Last year, I took a year off because I ran into a medical issue that my family and I needed to focus on. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as the doctors first thought and we’re in the works of rectifying the issue as soon as possible,” Sarkisian explained. “You know Bridgeport’s my home and always has been. I literally live 2 miles from the track and I’ve always enjoyed being at Bridgeport. It’ll be good to be back behind the wheel once again,” Bob added.

The Woolwich, NJ driver always has had pristine equipment when it comes to the looks and the quality of his weapons of choice. Sarkisian’s familiar No. 47 and newly numbered No. 4 cars are always an eye catcher tot he Bridgeport fans. This year however, Bob will be trying out his new Troyer cars after switching from Bicknell. “Nothing against Bicknell at all, but I just wanted a change and maybe find some sort of different edge since everyone’s already running a Bicknell.” Sarkisian will have two Morrison power plants at his disposal (one Big Block and one spec-headed 358), while possibly having something else in the works this winter.

The mild-mannered father of three had over 20 career Sportsman wins and a 2002 track title before moving up the headline division, where he has 5 career Big Block wins on the 5/8. Bob also has a triumph on the 1/4 mile with a small block modified. “I like all the tracks at Bridgeport. I mean, the 5/8 we like for the speed, but the 3/8 was fun when I practiced on it and the racing got better each time it was utilized. I had a ton of fun on the 1/4 mile as well! A race track is a race track if you ask me. As long as it’s open and we can race, I’m happy.” Bridgeport fans and drivers shouldn’t be the least surprised to see the Superior Scaffolding-Baker Carburetor No. 47 back in victory lane in 2019