Slack Karts Giveaway Returns To New York Dirt Kart Series In 2018

Story By: DAN KAPUSCINSKI / NEW YORK DIRT KART SERIES – OSWEGO, NY – Slack Karts and Performance Manufacturing will once again be a key partner on the New York Dirt Kart Series in 2018, with an all new Xpect chassis go kart being raffled to an NYDKS member that competes in three of the series’ four events.

Since 2004, Performance Manufacturing has been the builder of the Slack Karts chassis with an evolution of designs coming out of their Middleport, NY fabrication shop, including the race and championship winning, Xpect chassis.

The Xpect has won countless major events and championships throughout the country.

While Performance Manufacturing specializes in chassis design and construction, their fabrication shop also produces countless products for the kart racing community utilizing a hands-on approach in product design with CNC machining, fabrication, and welding.

Performance offers an array of chassis components from hubs and spindles to sprockets and gear hubs, with a championship tested tire cutting service and tire prep line as well.

The kart giveaway will once again take place at the yearend championship banquet.

For more information on Performance Manufacturing, Slack Karts, Select Cut Tires, and Liquid Speed tire prep, visit online at

The 2018 NYDKS has four events currently scheduled, beginning on May 19 at Allegany Memorial Speedway.

Events at Starlite Speedway (June 16), Frozen Ocean Speedway (August 11), and Stateline Speedway (September 22) are currently scheduled to follow the AMS opener with a Fall Classic venue and date still to be determined for either October 20 or October 27.

Race divisions on the 2018 NYDKS calendar include Red Clone (250lbs.), Purple Clone (280lbs.), Blue Clone (310lbs.), Light Clone (340lbs.), Heavy Clone (375lbs.), Clone Winged Champs, Pro Blue Clone (310lbs.), and Pro Clone (375lbs.)

Junior divisions will compete using the small pipe and drum clutch.

Senior divisions will use the big pipe with an open clutch rule.

All non-Pro classes will compete for the coveted NYDKS winner’s trophy at each event as well as $100. Payouts will include a total purse of $275 for the Top5, with $20 for fifth position.

Pro Blue Clone will pay a purse of $775 to the Top5, with $300 to win and $50 for fifth.

Pro Clone will feature a $1,000 purse for the Top5, with $500 to win and $50 for fifth.

All events on the NYDKS calendar will see competitors utilizing the fast and competitive Burris SS33a tire.